Housing Board

The primary role of the board is to analyze and distribute housing information to the membership to facilitate informed decision making.  Together with the support of the City of Kamloops and the Social Planning Council, the Housing Board will become an avenue to discuss recent trends, to evaluate supply and demand, to establish community priorities in an open forum, and to discuss policy and legislative reform where deemed necessary.  Some additional items that may be addressed by the Kamloops Housing Board include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Inform interested parties on housing matters
  • Create & maintain a Housing Registry 
  • Establish community based methods to protect and enhance local housing
  • Recommend changes to the RTA & other legislation &/or policy

    This group will form a single source of information that will allow all participants to obtain the data and facts needed to develop successful projects, systems and policies. The data will be made available to the board, local agencies, BC Housing, and other groups, with the goal of improving the provision of housing and housing resources in Kamloops.